A Letter to Amelie

As I look out the window at this life that has seemed to pass me by so quickly, I ask… I pray for it to slow down so I can enjoy this moment and all the beautiful moments to come.  39 weeks ago I woke up with new life inside me.  This week I finally get to meet you.  I already feel this love so strongly.  A love that is truly going to teach me things.  A love that will test me like nothing has ever tested me before.  But my heart is ready and open.

In a few days it will no longer be just us – we will have you.  You have transformed our love into a family.  This little miracle that came out of nowhere.  A blessing from the universe, one we are so ready to accept with arms wide open.  You have already brought so much joy, wisdom, laughter & love into our lives and I am so looking forward to the exponential growth of these blessings once you are born.  I am so excited to show you this world and all it has to offer.

It is my promise to always be here for you, to protect you when you need protecting and to let you fly when you need to fly.  I ask you to keep the same wide eyed wonder as you journey through this life.  Always be you and always choose love over fear.  Thank you for coming into our world and for allowing us to open our eyes in wide eyed wonder.  I love you now and always.


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  1. Angela says:

    Awwww that made me cry. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful Lil girl.

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