One month

*I’m shamelessly stealing the stuffed animal monthly size comparison picture idea from Sara & Miss Olive! 🙂

Happy Father’s Day!

Watching you become a father has given me the opportunity to see all of the things I love about you in a whole new light.  Thank you for making us smile every day.  

A few firsts

We have had a fun week and Amelie has started to really take in the world around her. On Friday she had her first visit to Home Depot. We also took her to her first concert – part of the Longmont outdoor concert series. On Saturday we went out to breakfast with Steve, Pete, Kristi & Delancey…

Two Weeks!

With Patrick back to work, Amelie and I have been working on finding our groove over the last week and a half. We finally let go of the feeding routine put together by the lactation specialist and found something that works for us. We’re both much happier now! As of last Thursday Amelie is finally…