Two Weeks!

With Patrick back to work, Amelie and I have been working on finding our groove over the last week and a half. We finally let go of the feeding routine put together by the lactation specialist and found something that works for us. We’re both much happier now! As of last Thursday Amelie is finally back up to her birth weight so it seems to be working. We have started walking every morning at the different trails around town and plan on attending our first new mom group next week.


We have had many visitors over to meet the baby and we were able to bring her out to dinner for the first time on Friday. We have also been working on “tummy time” every day to strengthen her neck.


Other than that we have just been enjoying the beautiful weather and keeping things running at the farm. Patrick and Grandpa Wolfer finished two more chicken coops this weekend and chicks have been hatching like crazy this week!




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  1. Sara says:

    Good to hear that things are going well! It’s so great to find a groove. And I like moms groups. Even just to try. I found one that Olive and I enjoy. Enjoy! Love you!

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