We flew out to California for a wedding this past weekend.  On Friday morning we arrived in San Francisco and headed downtown, where we had breakfast at a Spanish restaurant called Fiore and checked out the row houses in the neighborhood.  After that we drove up to the Golden Gate Bridge then down the coast on highway 1 to Santa Cruz.  We stayed at a cute little airbnb cabin on the coast with an outdoor shower!  That evening we went down to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and had dinner at an Italian restaurant called Lilian’s.  Patrick somehow managed to smooth talk our way to a table without a wait with no reservation!  The food was amazing.  On Saturday we walked around downtown Santa Cruz and met up with Elisabeth for coffee.  That evening was the wedding, which was held at the Seymour Center for Marine Research.  The next morning we headed back up to San Francisco for a quick lunch then caught our flight home.  It was a super quick trip but we got a lot in and had a great time.  It was also a good distraction to keep me from worrying about going back to work on Tuesday.


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  1. Sara says:

    Sounds like an amazing trip. You totally make me want to go there now! The cabins sound neat.


    1. It was fun! I told Patrick I’d like to make it up to Seattle next year for a visit!


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