RIP Great Grandpa Wolfer


Allan Joseph Wolfer was born August 23, 1931 to Yvette Brahler and Jacob Gordon Wolfer in Rochester, New York. He married Joan Klingbeil of South Bend, Indiana on November 25, 1953. Allan is survived by his wife Joan Wolfer; his sister Ann Schmidt; as well as their 6 sons and daughters: Cynthia Wolfer, David Wolfer (m. Amy Barry), Patricia Jansen, Judith Wolfer (Tim Heintzman), John Wolfer, and James Wolfer (m. Adia Wolfer). He is also survived by 3 grandaughters: Amber Rosendahl (m. Patrick Rosendahl), Kristi Shattuck (m. Pete Shattuck), and Alyssa Wolfer (Cody Dreher). He is also survived by great-grandson Delancey Shattuck and great-granddaughter, Amelie Rosendahl. Allan graduated from Purdue University in 1953 in electrical engineering. He was in the Army Signal Corps as a lieutenant and served at White Sands Proving Grounds. After completing his military service, he and Joan moved to San Diego, Calif. where Allan worked for various electrical engineering firms. He holds various patents for electronic products he developed. Following his retirement in 1989, he and Joan moved to Boulder, Colorado where he worked with his sons in their landscaping firm, Wolfer Bros, Inc. Allan was a gifted gardener; in California, he had an avocado orchard; in Boulder, he planted a fruit orchard. He loved tinkering, especially disassembling most anything. Allan was an avid hunter and camping enthusiast. He died at home on September 11, 2016. Mass will be held at Sacred Heart of Mary on S. Boulder Rd. on Thursday, Sept. 15th, at 10:00 AM. Burial to follow at the Sacred Heart of Mary cemetery.


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  1. Joyce says:

    What a most beautiful moment captured with this photo! Thank you for posting this one. How great.

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