9 Months!

Our little girl is 9 months old!  She has grown so much over the past month.  She is now fully mobile, able to crawl everywhere and pull herself up to standing on almost anything.  She is so fast!!  If I take my eyes off of her for a minute I have to go looking for her.  We gated off and baby proofed a huge area in the main part of the house for her to roam, allowing her full access to everywhere except for the kitchen side of the island and the rooms off the central part of the house (brew room, front room & bedrooms).  She has upwards of 1200 square feet to explore but she still seems to know the second we forget to close one of the baby gates that block off the kitchen side of the island (the part with all the things we’re trying to keep her away from – the floor level open faced cabinets with all our nice glassware, the wood burning stove, dog dishes, etc.) and will turbo crawl her way over to explore the off-limits territory!  She also loves to be outside and I can no longer leave the back door cracked open for the dogs to go in and out on nice days because she crawls straight out the back door!  The weather has been gorgeous lately and we bring her out back and let her burn off some energy scooting around in her cruiser on the back patio almost every evening.  Instagram video link.   We also bring her out in her stroller while we feed the chickens and collect eggs every afternoon.  Some days we walk over and visit with the neighbor horses. As soon as she can walk she will be our official egg collector!

She is really into Sesame Street, especially Elmo.  If I sing the first two words of the theme song… sunny days… she will stop whatever she’s doing and stare expectantly at the TV.  Whenever the Elmo letter of the day segment comes on she claps along.  She hasn’t quite grasped the concept of waving but she will clap on demand!  She also started bopping her head to music this month, which is the cutest thing ever.  And if she’s standing up and you sing ‘wiggle it, just a little bit’ or ‘shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your booty’ she will start moving her butt and dancing along!

She is back to sleeping through the night again and has been sleeping in her crib in her room for the last week.  I think the change was easier for her than it was for me!  We are looking forward to all the continued changes the next few months will bring!


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