I’m such a slacker…

What a crazy month!  I am so behind in posting so this may get a bit long.  The weather this month has been gorgeous and we have been taking full advantage of it.

Amelie and Siouxsee, a timber wolf that belongs to one of our tenants:


Amelie and Liv:

At the beginning of the month we went bridesmaid dress shopping with Auntie Alyssa, who is getting married in July!  Amelie was a huge hit at the bridal shop and enjoyed mucking up all of their mirrors.


We also got Amelie’s first passport pictures done and are in the process of getting her passport processed for our upcoming trip to Mexico.

Then it was Amelie’s first easter!  The easter bunny brought her a basket filled with bubbles, bath toys, books and eggs filled with baby snacks.

And let’s not forget the Easter Sloth…fffff.png


Later in the month we went to the semi-annual Friends of the NRA Banquet.  We entered Amelie in the youth raffle and she won a child sized camo .22 rifle!  Now she can join her daddy to hunt raccoons on the property when she gets old enough.




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