Mother’s Day!


Dear Amelie,

You’re too little to make me Mother’s Day macaroni necklaces and write cute poems about me from school but that’s okay.  I can wait.  Being with you every day has been more than enough.  I’m fine with starting the day with your bed hair, sleepy smiles and sweet cuddles.  I’m good with just watching you enjoy new foods and try to sneakily give some of your meal to the dogs.  I’m even okay cleaning up after you because it reminds me of how alive you are and the mess you leave is just a happy memory you left behind.  I look forward to your little arms squeezing me every day, watching you booty shake whenever you hear a song or a jingle, random snark face and hearing you shriek with laughter when we tip you upside down.  What I’ve learned from this past year is that control is absolutely beyond me and that’s okay.  We somehow created this perfect little being and I’m continually floored at your growth without my hand in it at all.  On top of that, you’ve given me a new life.  You’ve taught me to literally stop and smell the roses.  Because of you , I’m more confident in myself as a woman.  You’ve given me a new laughter, one that I’ve heard from many other mothers around me, one that comes deep within the soul.  All because of you.  Conversations are deeper and more raw, because of you.  You’ve shown me how long hugs should really last  and how often they should come.  I’ve grown accustomed to being drooled on, climbed all over on and having my hair pulled out, because of you, but it only reminds me that I’m alive and all is good because I get to be your mom.  This Mother’s Day I want nothing but to celebrate you.  I love you, Bear.





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