Mother’s Day!


Dear Amelie,

My sweet baby girl, where do i start? I look at you and every part of me melts. You are so beautiful & shiny bright. Your happiness radiates and fills me up until I can’t help but laugh out loud at the joy you bring me.

You’re the perfect age between newborn and toddler. You are learning so many things all at once: clapping, talking, walking, eating… so many things that make us so proud of you! I can tell when you’re taking something new in – you get really intense and study it deeply until you fully wrap your head around it. It’s so neat watching your mind expand.

My love, you remind me that every day is full of blessings. You don’t notice when things get chaotic or tense or messy… you just smile because it’s all good for you. You inspire me to find the good in everything, to try for a moment to see the world through your eyes… full of wonder and beauty and good.

I love that you still rely on me for everything. It’s so nice to be needed that way. But I love that you are starting to spread your wings, test the waters – and I know soon you’ll be off doing your own thing and I’ll be watching in awe as you grow and become your own.

You are thoroughly loved, deep into the recesses of my heart. I will always be here whenever you need someone. You will always be my baby girl, my favorite person. I am so glad you chose me to be your mom.  This Mother’s Day I want nothing more than to celebrate you.

I love you, Bear.





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