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I’m such a slacker!


I’ve been putting this off because I am so behind that the idea of getting caught up is intimidating.  But here goes nothing!  Patrick went back to his old job in June which meant a new schedule of 3 weeks on in Texas then one week off at home.  This schedule worked really well for us before we had Amelie so we decided to give it a try.  The first round went well but I had a hard time keeping up on the house so we hired a housekeeper and it has been smooth sailing ever since!  Amelie has handled it well.  We are able to video chat every evening and she loves chattering to him and giving him kisses through the phone.  It’s pretty adorable.  And the week he’s home she gets to soak up daddy time while I get a bit of a break.

Amelie officially started walking on 6/30!  The rest of the summer has been a bit of a whirlwind.

We did some paddleboarding.


We spent time with Brittany, Tom & Ayrton on 4th of July and camping.

We attended Aunt Alyssa & Uncle Cody’s wedding.

We attended Amelie’s first parade and took her to the Boulder County Fair.

We went to Casa Bonita with Sara & Olive during their visit from Seattle.


We decided to pull Amelie from in-home daycare and toured many baby schools to find the right fit.

We joined the Longmont Athletic Club and started going 4 evenings a week.  Amelie enjoys playing in the kidzone while I work out then we both get to enjoy some pool time together afterward.


We started going on weekend adventures to find new play places for Amelie to explore.

We attended a Scottish themed wedding in Estes Park.

Amelie had her first visit to the dentist.

Whew!  I think that pretty much sums up the highlights of our summer!

I’m such a slacker…


What a crazy month!  I am so behind in posting so this may get a bit long.  The weather this month has been gorgeous and we have been taking full advantage of it.

Amelie and Siouxsee, a timber wolf that belongs to one of our tenants:


Amelie and Liv:

At the beginning of the month we went bridesmaid dress shopping with Auntie Alyssa, who is getting married in July!  Amelie was a huge hit at the bridal shop and enjoyed mucking up all of their mirrors.


We also got Amelie’s first passport pictures done and are in the process of getting her passport processed for our upcoming trip to Mexico.

Then it was Amelie’s first easter!  The easter bunny brought her a basket filled with bubbles, bath toys, books and eggs filled with baby snacks.

And let’s not forget the Easter Sloth…fffff.png


Later in the month we went to the semi-annual Friends of the NRA Banquet.  We entered Amelie in the youth raffle and she won a child sized camo .22 rifle!  Now she can join her daddy to hunt raccoons on the property when she gets old enough.